About Abacus Nursery School

Abacus is committed to providing quality child-care for 1-5 years olds.

We particularly welcome cooperation with Kaleidoscope, a drama and movement programme which was tailor made for us. The children will learn role play, to discuss topics, listen to others, deliver to an audience and the general confidence to help them thrive once they will start primary school. Aspect of the Alexander Technique are also incorporated for their physical and mental well being.

We believe that learning should be a pleasurable experience. Children learn best within a stimulating, secure and supportive environment that acknowledges and builds on prior experiences.

At Abacus we recognise that children develop at different rates an it is important that the child's individual needs are met.Therefore we ensure careful assessment and monitoring of each child in order for them to reach their full potential.

Abacus likes to think that the nursery school is an extension of the home,so it is important that the parents feel included and informed in all areas of the nursery programme. Parents are encouraged to take an active role, this can be anything from supplying empty cereal boxes for junk modelling, reading the children stories ,contributing to cultural events and festivals or joining us on trips and outings.

We are very pleased to learn that our children often gain entrance in excellent primary schools, from the independent sector as well as the state sector.

“outstanding for nursery education” - Ofsted (read full report)