Expressive Arts with Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope was established in order to introduce the educational values of teaching using expressive arts to pre school children. Abacus have found the workshops so effective we have collaborated with Kaleidoscope to give Abacus pupils a more dynamic and challenging learning environment.

"Abacus pupils are more confident, they have a greater ability to problem solve , question and interact with others "
Paris Petgrave, Kaleidoscope Workshop Co-ordinator

Role play
Story telling
Creative questioning and improvisation

Develop confidence, the ability to deliver to an audience and promote a positive interest in their surroundings.

Movement, Dance and Alexander Technique
Ballet - To develop balance, coordination and posture.
Expressive Dance - To explore creativity.
Cultural Dance - Asian, African, Irish, South American and European.

Develop awareness of different cultures and environments. Develop hand and eye co-ordination , rhythm recognition. and physical well being.

Composing and performing
Understanding music styles and instrument groups.

Develops their ability to listen, perform ,read music and understand rhythm and melody

You will find more information on Kaleidoscope and their weekend drama workshops on their website,

“outstanding for nursery education” - Ofsted (read full report)